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2020-02-20 01:24

Oct 30, 2014  The Ampeg Company actually began making bass amps in 1946, when Everett Hull filed a patent for his amplified peg design for upright basses. Its initial amplifier models certainly broke ground in the industry throughout the 1950s, but the best was yet to come. In 1960, Ampeg released a bass amp that would shape pop music for a decade or more: the B15 Portaflex FlipTop head andGOLLIHUR EXCLUSIVE This twochannel amp offers highimpedance instrument AND phantompowered mic inputs, multiband EQ, and a basscentric speaker design based on the Bass Array 110. Just for upright and acoustic basses and made specially for my customers. Also check out the matching 1x10 extension cabinet! upright bass amp head

For a bit more flexibility, bass amplifier heads allow you to match whatever type of speaker cabinet you prefer. You could use a bass amp head to drive a compact 1 x 12 speaker cab for practices, and then use it to power a massive 8 x 10 speaker cabinet at gigs.

Our selection of bass amp heads includes a host of potential musthave features like tube driven Direct Inject (DI) outputs and buffered effects loops, classic amp emulation with vintage voicing, enhanced midrange shaping, and outputs for slave heads. Amplifiers Double Bass. Welcome to the selection of Double Bass Amplifiers at Upton Bass. We highly recommend the brilliant AI Contra or GKs MB150 Combo for a budgetfriendly alternative. No matter what bass pickup you have, the reproduction delivered by Acoustic Image and Gallien Krueger isupright bass amp head Jul 09, 2011 Hi my son plays in a straycats tribute band, he also plays in a cover party function band. He uses his mesa 400 head for both bands but it does not suit the upright bass that well. Any suggestions of a reasonably priced amp that would suit. Solid state seem to be better as he used a EBS head last gig and it was better than his mesa we think. Thanx.

Upton Bass offers a selection of high quality bass preamps, pickups, amps, and cables. Many of us here are regular gigging bassists and have the opportunity to play on many different systems, so we know the ins and outs of trying to amplify your upright bass. upright bass amp head GallienKrueger: Superior bass amps and products designed and made in the U. S. A. GallienKrueger: Superior bass amps and products designed and made in the U. S. A. Home Heads. Legacy Heads MB Heads RB Heads Fusion 550 Cabinets. Neo Cabinets CX Cabinets RBH Cabinets MBP Cabinets Combos. MB Combos Bass Amplifiers: Bass amplifiers are distinct from other types of amplification systems due to the particular challenges associated with lowfrequency sound reproduction. This distinction affects the design of the loudspeakers and the speaker cabinet, as well as the preamp and amplifier. A revolution is sweeping the world of bass amps, with increasing wattage and decreasing footprints. A mere decade ago, we bassists were doomed to sacrificing our backs for our love of low end, dragging around heavy speaker cabinets and massive heads. Then something happened: the Class D amplifier It's the original alltube monster bass amp, the classic of classics! The reissue Ampeg SVTCL Classic Bass Head brings back in all its glory a classic big stage amp that was the choice of players in the '60s. There's no question that the SVTCL delivers 300W (to either 2 or 4 ohms).

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