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How can the answer be improved?May 29, 2013 Children's rights in South Africa. Written by: Share this: Section 28 in the Constitution of South Africa is devoted to children and outlines the rights that they are entitled to. This does not mean that other rights enshrined in our constitution do not apply to them Section 28 is specifically for SA citizens under the age of 18. children's rights charter in south africa

Promoting Children's Rights in South Africa: A Handbook for Members of Parliament 2011 This handbook provides Members of Parliament with information on childrens issues and their rights. Its purpose is to equip Members with the tools to integrate a childrights perspective into all work that Members engage with.

South Africas Bill of Rights states that children have special rights which include the right to special care and assistance. The United Nations drew up the Convention of the Rights of the Child so South Africa is not alone in recognising that childrens rights must be protected. The South African Constitutions Bill of Rights (Section 28) talks about the rights that children have: You must have shelter (somewhere dry and comfortable to sleep). If you are sick, you must be able to see a doctor and get medicine that will make you better. You must have food to eat so that you arent hungry.children's rights charter in south africa Jan 24, 2001 children Children's Rights and Responsibilities. From an illustrated guide issued by the National Children's Rights Committee, South Africa. Children have the right to be taken seriously and the responsibility to listen to others. Children have the right to quality medical care and the responsibility to take care of themselves

Strategic Focus Area: Childrens Rights The South African Constitution defines children as persons below the age of 18. An estimated one fifth of children are orphaned and at least 64. 5 of children live in lowincome households and are impacted by poverty. children's rights charter in south africa The African Charter on the Rights and Welfare of the Child (also called the ACRWC or Children's Charter) was adopted by the Organisation of African Unity (OAU) in 1990 (in 2001, the OAU legally became the African Union) and was entered into force in 1999.

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