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May 04, 2019  There's more to making the perfect Star Wars movie marathon than just collecting all of the movies. You also need to decide when to watch each of them. While some fans prefer episodic orderBut still, you need to see this film as an aberration to the Star Wars vision; it wasis an experiment to see what a sequel to a blockbuster such as Star Wars could be but in many ways was too dark for George Lucass tastes. right order to see star wars

Dec 11, 2015 Do you do Trilogy first, Prequels first, Machete order, or some crazy combination? Watch more Up At Noon here!

Star Wars Movie Series in Chronological Order. IMDb 7. 1 stars out of 518, 983 Just updated today (May 25, 2018) to get Rogue One and Solo in the right order and add Episode 9 Just updated today (May 26, 2018) See all lists by CountRonin Clear your history. Recently Viewed. IMDb Everywhere Jul 11, 2009 What is the correct order to watch the Star Wars movies in? Just give me ONE list, the way you think is best. I do not care about the other things, so don't confuse me.right order to see star wars Apr 13, 2017  Star Wars: The Perfect Viewing Order. 13 Apr 2017 17: 31Last updated: 4 May 2018 14: 38. Moses never had this problem. Staggering down from Mount Sinai, chiseled stone tablets clutched to his chest and the voice of the Almighty ringing in his ears, Charlton Heston didnt stop and wonder what order to read The Commandments in.

Dec 26, 2015 Two viewing orders are usually proposed: as Star Wars creator George Lucas originally intended, beginning with episode 1 of the 'prequel' trilogy (I: The Phantom Menace, II: Attack of the Clones, III: Revenge of the Sith) or according to release date, starting with the 'original' trilogy (IV: A New Hope, V: The Empire Strikes Back, VI: Return of the right order to see star wars Dec 13, 2015  Viewing order: IV, V, II, III, VI If you only want to see one movie: If you dont want to spend an entire weekend bingewatching the six films, then hands down, most Star Wars connoisseurs The much publicized upcoming link got me thinking about the optimal viewing order for the Star Wars saga. The logical approach is to view the movies in episodic order (which is how Cinemax plans to air it). But I'm not so certain that this is the best way to watch Star Wars. Star Wars fan and software developer Rod Hilton proposed the machete order back in 2011. Yes, it's almost identical to the Ernst Rister order. However, the Machete order removes The Phantom Menace Apr 09, 2018  There are two very clear answers for this. Order 1 (release order): Order 2 (in universe answerchronological order in the Star Wars universe) Personally, I believe order two is the best order to watch the movies in, to best understand the plot and Star Wars universe. Order one

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